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By buying products in case lots, members can realize significant savings. Never before has live Canadian hard shell lobster been available at true wholesale prices. makes lobster more accessible and more economical.

We put our energy, innovation, purchasing power and years of experience into service for you. was founded as a separate division of RB Lobster International Inc., a growing progessive company established in 1982. Our Club provides comprehensive service and an incredible shopping experience for our members.

We have long term relationships with the fishermen and our sources in Atlantic Canada to secure the best catches. is dedicated to our seafood club members!'s web store is the best up to date information source for you to order your live lobster online. Once ordered, we can ship directly to your door via our shipping partner, or you can pick it up from our conveniently located depot.

We have been in business for more than 30 years and we ship live hard shell lobster all over the world. Our custom packaging designed to maintain temperature ensures our members that the live lobster arrives at their door as fresh as when it left its point of origin.

On behalf of our exclusive members, is proud to sponsor community charities and events.

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